IAHR, founded in 1935, is a worldwide independent member-based organisation of engineers and water specialists working in fields related to the hydro-environmental sciences and their practical application. Activities range from river and maritime hydraulics to water resources development and eco-hydraulics, through to ice engineering, hydroinformatics, and hydraulic machinery.

What is Rivers-list?

Rivers-list, is a moderated community site for rivers, established by the IAHR Fluvial Hydraulics community in 2000, as a means of circulating information among river specialists about jobs, discussions on specific research problems, announcements of courses, etc. The list has around 2000 subscribers.

Rivers-list is open at no charge to specialists interested in all aspects of the science and engineering of rivers. If you are not a Subscriber and would like to join Rivers-list, please click here

Special announcements to the community can be found at Announcements

If you would like to post some messages on the Forums, please send the message to Jenny ( jenny.lu@iahr.org )

Rivers-list publishing policy

The Moderator, Prof Angelo Leopardi, will allow the posting of messages in which, on his arbitrary judgement, there is a relevant informative content. This will include referral to commercial products by Rivers-list members connected with the developers. 

Subscribing to the Rivers-list forums

Rivers-list is open at no charge to specialists interested in all aspects of the science and engineering of rivers. If you are not a Subscriber and would like to join Rivers-list, please click here

Unsubscribing from the Rivers-list forums

If you would like to unsubscribe from Rivers-list, please visit My IAHR Mailing Preferences or send a message to membership@iahr.org with the text "unsubscribe Rivers-list" in the subject.

Posting on the Rivers-list forums

Forums are great for communications, one-to-one and one-to-many. Whether this is good or bad depends on how you use them. This section is meant to provide a few tips for making forums work for all of us.

The attributes of forums are: ease; a handy record; overcomes mismatches in schedules; cheapness; saves time; replaces meetings; fosters a sense of community. Subscribers have however certain expectations of the list - they expect to get specific information on specific topics from specific people. They should not be forced to receive other types of material.

Communities have a purpose - ours are for professional business. It is important to post only info directly related to the topic of the list; you owe it to your colleagues only to post info that they absolutely have to see. Do not post anything unless you are certain that it is appropriate for the community - if you aren't sure contact the list owner first. Don't pass on info you get via Internet, since we have probably all seen it elsewhere already - common topics are fake virus warnings. Please do not send commercial advertisements to Rivers-list as they will not be accepted. News on developments in commercial products which is of technical interest, or information on training courses and other events of wide interest is encouraged. Technical discussions on the applicability of or problems with the use of commercial products are also welcome.

Do not post to lists if you are not a bona fide member - this is like walking uninvited into a private meeting and breaking into the discussion.

If you are annoyed by a posting, email that person privately. Remember to be kind, the sender just made a mistake as we all do. If you can't resolve the issue contact the list owner.

1. Review you messages before posting them
2. Be especially polite, as readers cannot tell whether you are joking.
3. Never send negative messages. Don't be terse. Use the phone instead.
4. Don't use capital letters: this is SHOUTING and is considered RUDE.
5. Use emoticons :) :(
6. Make the type of info clear (e.g. is this "official"?)
7. The message must support the official business of the list or the group.
8. The info must be needed by the recipients.
9. It must be clear to the recipient why the message was received.
10. Only one topic per posting please, and subject heading must relate precisely to the content.
11. The message must be brief and to the point.
12. Don't echo back long messages.
13. Don't edit quoted messages to change their meaning.
14. Your message should in most cases be time-critical.
15. All postings must follow the association's policies on Acceptable Use, Misconduct, etc.
16. Moreover, in a professional environment such as this, postings should conform to professional standards and ethics - e.g. never make unsubstantiated accusations or sweeping claims.
17. Don't react to a flame, but post a brief apology for unintended impact or acceptable use.
18. Never send a message when you are angry or upset.
19. Be patient with inexperienced list users.
20. Give senders the benefit of the doubt.
21. Posting of info that is merely interesting, or nice to know such as info about extraneous events, or articles for sale, or opinion, is not acceptable on these special-purpose communities.
22. Think before posting.
23. Enjoy the communitie's benefits and share your enjoyment by being pleasant.
Arising from some recent concerns, please do not post on these technical lists material that:
24. is purely religious in nature
25. appeals for financial or similar help
26. is purely political
27. attempts to promote or sell services or stuff
28. promotes personal "opportunities"
29. broadcasts an unpleasant gripe
30. broadcasts a criticism of a product that cannot be responded to in the spirit of these rules